Duty Drawback Highlights

Duty Drawback is designed to help American companies compete more effectively in foreign markets.  It can reduce the cost of imported foreign products, which are then exported.

Types of Drawback

Same Condition Drawback
(Direct Notification)

A Product is imported, duty is paid and the product is exported or destroyed under Customs supervision.
Only incidental work, like testing, cleaning, inspection and repackaging can be performed on the imported product.

Manufacturer's Drawback

Raw material or components are imported and duty is paid.  The material is then incorporated into a finished product that is exported.

The material or components used in the exported product can be substituted with domestic material that is the same kind and quality of the designated merchandize.

Rejected Merchandize Drawback

If an imported product of material does not meet the buyer's specifications, is defective or shipped without consent, the merchandise can be exported and duty paid can be recovered.

In any of the above scenarios, 99% of the import duty is recoverable



AV Reilly International provides comprehensive Duty Drawback services ensuring strict compliance with US Customs regulations.  Duty Drawback services are fully automated enabling convenient and effective processing with US Customs.

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