Mission Statement

To offer customers competitive pricing, timely transportation, individualized value-added logistics services and integrated global automation, while adhering to strict high quality standards.

Corporate History and Identity

In September 1990, HTFN was formed by a dynamic group of entrepreneurial regionally prominent freight companies offering integrated transportation, logistics and information systems solutions to high-tech customers.

HTFN Members

Today, the HTFN canvases the globe with over one hundred of the top regional forwarders in the world.  Leaders in their respective gateways, HTFN members have superior buying power and preferred space allocation rights with international carriers.

Before admission to the HTFN, prospective companies are carefully screened and evaluated.  Once accepted, all HTFN members are contractually committed to strict quality control, high performance levels and sound financial standards.

Global Transportation and Logistics Services

HTFN members help today's transportation customers save time and money by assuming the role of 'Freight Management Company'.  Customers can tap into the HTFN's existing logistics infrastructures and information service systems to control inventories and expedite distribution.

HTFN recognizes that market globalization and geographic dispersion mean that logistics services must help customers manage the Total Supply Chain in a very competitive environment.  Knowing that flexibility is the key to being successful in this process.  Through local HTFN members, key decision-makers and customized program implementation and support.

Electronic Commerce

HTFN offers the industry a revolutionary and economical global tracking system, developed in conjunction with GE Information Services.  Which provides centralized order and shipment management with report writing features.  Customers directly input Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Shipping Instructions..... from their host computer system.

HTFN provides total pipeline visibility though its unique reporting structure giving production costs, workflow and sales.  Reducing paper flow and telecommunication time normally associated - Therefore improving customer service and bottom-line profitability.

News: AV Reilly International is hosting the HTFN 2001 Conference April 1st-5th

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